Educational games for children.

We have extensive experience in creating interactive learning tools that integrate education with enjoyment and engaging gameplay. Our approach is based on innovative solutions and takes into account the voice of our most important testers – children.

Researching educational needs and goals: Before starting the process of creating a dedicated educational game for children, we carefully study and analyze the needs and educational goals of the target group. We collaborate with experts in the field of education, child psychology, and cognitive development to create personalized and effective learning tools.

Game design and educational content: Our educational games are fully tailored to children and their abilities. We use a 2D format that provides simplicity and intuitive gameplay. We design various challenges, puzzles, quizzes, tasks, and mini-games that not only entertain but also develop important skills such as math, language, natural sciences, and logical thinking.

Children are our little testers: In our process of creating dedicated educational games, children play a crucial role. Our little testers are real experts who test our games and provide us with valuable feedback. Their smiles and joy are our greatest reward and motivation for further improvement.

Adaptation to different age groups: We understand that children differ in terms of age, development, and educational needs. Therefore, each dedicated educational game we create is carefully tailored to the appropriate age of the audience. We provide optimal educational benefits, taking into account the individual skills and level of advancement of each child.

Progress monitoring and assessment: After launching our educational games, we provide mechanisms to monitor students’ progress and assess their achievements. Teachers and parents have the opportunity to track the development of their children and identify areas that require further attention and support.

We are proud of our commitment to creating dedicated educational games for children. Our goal is to provide interesting and engaging learning tools that not only help children develop skills but also make learning enjoyable. We invite you to explore our educational games and join us on this exciting journey through the world of education and fun!

Sample achievements: We are proud of our diverse achievements that provide valuable education and enjoyment to children. Here are a few examples:

Edukeez: „Edukeez” is an innovative educational app that we are currently working on. It is designed in a simple and fun way to help children and youth acquire knowledge in various subjects. The app offers interactive lessons, quizzes, puzzles, and experiments that engage users and support the development of their cognitive skills.


Educational Game on Astronomy, commissioned by the Hewelianum Center: This interactive game introduces children to the fascinating world of astronomy. Through fun challenges, puzzles, and space exploration, children can learn about planets, stars, and other celestial objects in an accessible and engaging way.


Online Sailing Course for Kids, commissioned by the Marshal’s Office: This course combines learning about sailing with interactive game elements. Children learn basic sailing concepts and skills by exploring virtual waters and solving tasks related to safe navigation at sea.


Don’t Waste Water” – Educational Game for Kids: This educational game illustrates to children why it is important to conserve water. Through solving challenges and interactive tasks, children learn about the value of water, its significance for the environment, and ways to save it, thereby developing environmental awareness.


Chopin Game” – Educational Game for Kids: This interactive game allows children to discover the life and works of Fryderyk Chopin. Children take on the role of a young musician and uncover the secrets of his compositions while learning about the history and legacy of the Polish composer.


Dr. Transplant: „Dr. Transplant” game is an innovative educational tool that teaches children about the importance and procedure of transplanting vital organs. Children play as a virtual doctor performing transplant surgeries while learning anatomical knowledge and ethical principles related to transplants.


ElectroZombies: „ElectroZombies” game aims to raise awareness in society about the danger associated with electronic waste and educate about proper handling of it. Players must defeat hordes of electro-zombies while learning about recycling, safe disposal of electronics, and environmental protection.


We continue to strive for excellence in creating educational games that engage children and provide meaningful learning experiences. Explore our educational games and join us on this exciting journey through the world of education and fun!