Outdoor games.

Outdoor games are incredibly exciting and engaging forms of entertainment that take place in open spaces and utilize the environment as part of the gameplay. These games offer participants not only thrilling experiences but also the opportunity to discover new places, develop teamwork skills, and enjoy active time outdoors.

Applications and benefits of outdoor games:

  • Team-building and collaboration: Outdoor games are excellent tools for team building and strengthening collaboration among participants. They require communication, strategy, and teamwork, fostering relationship building and the development of collaborative skills.
  • Promoting an active lifestyle: Outdoor games encourage participants to engage in physical activity and spend time in the fresh air. They provide a great alternative to traditional forms of entertainment that are often associated with a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Increasing awareness of local places: Outdoor games allow participants to explore and learn about new locations, both in urban and rural areas. Through gameplay, participants can discover more about the history, culture, and attractions of local places, contributing to increased awareness and interest in them.
  • Creating unforgettable experiences: Outdoor games provide participants with extraordinary and unforgettable experiences. From exciting treasure hunts to adventures in nature, these games offer unique adventures and memories that last a lifetime.


Examples of popular outdoor games:

Geocaching„: A game in which participants use GPS to find hidden containers (geocaches) with a logbook and items for exchange. Geocaching is a great form of entertainment that allows for the discovery of new places and participation in the global community of treasure seekers.

Outdoor escape room„: An interactive game in which a team of participants must solve puzzles and find clues to escape from a trap-filled outdoor area. This game requires focus, collaboration, and quick thinking.

Outdoor treasure hunt„: A game that involves finding hidden objects or clues based on provided hints or a map. This classic form of outdoor game provides participants with adventure and challenges.


Outdoor games offer unique and exciting experiences that engage participants in physical activity and the exploration of new places. If you are looking for thrilling and innovative outdoor games that will strengthen your team, increase awareness of local places, or simply provide an unforgettable adventure, contact us. We are ready to create a personalized outdoor game that meets your expectations and contributes to the success of your event or promotional campaign.

In our portfolio, we have three successful implementations of our outdoor games that have gained popularity and provided satisfaction to our clients. Below, we present brief descriptions of these achievements:

  • Treasure Hunt at a Birthday Party: We created an outdoor game dedicated to a special 10th birthday party. As part of this game, participants received a paper map and a special mobile application. The players’ task was to find the treasure by solving puzzles and following clues on the map. The game brought a lot of joy to the birthday child and the guests, creating unforgettable memories of the birthday party.
  • Corporate Event Game: We implemented an outdoor game for a corporate event for one of our clients’ employees. Participants were divided into three groups, and each group had to find a virtual bomb and disarm it. The game required cooperation, quick thinking, and puzzle-solving skills from the players. Thanks to this implementation, the corporate event became not only an opportunity for fun but also facilitated team integration and strengthened relationships among the employees.
  • Treasure Hunt for Teenagers: We designed an outdoor game for teenagers aged 14-18. Participants were placed in a specific area where they had to solve various tasks, find hidden map fragments, and ultimately discover the location of the hidden treasure. The game required logical thinking, spatial orientation skills, and teamwork from the participants. This wonderful implementation provided the teenagers with unforgettable adventures and facilitated the development of their social skills.


Our implementations of outdoor games are evidence of our ability to create engaging and personalized solutions. Regardless of the purpose of the event or the target group, we are ready to create a dynamic and exciting outdoor game that will meet your expectations and provide unforgettable experiences for the participants. Contact us to learn more about our services and embark on an adventure with outdoor games.