Educational game for children - Hewelianum Centre

We have launched astronomy-themed advertising and educational games, commissioned by Centrum Hewelianum PKFM „Twierdza Gdańsk”.

Games have been prepared both in offline version on CD and online version.

  • Game one – Galactic exploration – a puzzle, in which real astronomical pictures are to be arranged.
  • Game two – With a visit to the Astronomer. We can learn about the antique instruments that were used by scientists to observe the sky.
  • Third game – Extraterrestrial explorers from the planet Earth – you must find 10 differences in two seemingly identical pictures. After completing the task you will find out who the man depicted is.
  • The fourth game – Under the lucky star – connecting stars in constellations – signs of the Zodiac. After completing the task, we will learn the legend associated with the given sign. Do you know that there are 13 signs of the Zodiac?

    Centrum Hewelianum

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    Desktop, Web

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