Custom games

We have been creating our dedicated custom games since 2000, when they were created using a very popular tool at the time, called Macromedia Flash. Games and interactive applications created with this tool and a programming language called Action Script could be run, among other things, in a computer browser. High popularity and low threshold of entry into this technology, contributed to a very rapid development of Internet games, which turned out to be directly created for marketing and promotional purposes. As a result, many web portals were created that aggregated various games and Flash animations, giving their creators the opportunity to earn, whether through displayed ads or paid access.

Our first game was created for a now defunct courier company – STOLICA. This was the beginning of e4games brand development. Afterwards, we established cooperation with several top interactive agencies and for many years we have been creating educational, marketing and promotional games for them. Our portfolio includes projects for such companies as: Pepsi, UPC, Chello, Dialog, Netia, Jutrzenka, Wedel, Lajkonik, Murator and many others.

Flash technology has developed very quickly. Successive versions of programming language used by Flash Action Script 2 and Action Script 3 allowed developers to create amazing games, both 2D and 3D. Unfortunately, the technology had many opponents, and its main opponent was Steve Jobs himself. In addition, the sudden rise in popularity of mobile platforms, whose browsers did not allow the display of games and applications created in Flash technology, caused Flash technology in recent years virtually ceased to exist and its place took HTML5 technology. Thanks to HTML5 you can create games that work e in all browsers, both on mobile and desktop platforms. In the meantime, various game engines have been created, which allow you to compile virtually the same code, for different target platforms: WWW, Android, IOS, Windows, MACOS or consoles.

Currently, in our company we use, depending on the target platform, three engines for game development: Unity3D, Phaser or Defold. We specialize in making games for the following platforms and devices:

web custom games (HTML5 games) – games that run in both mobile and desktop browsers. This technology is developing very dynamically. There are more and more portals with HTML5 games, and Facebook has released a special SDK dedicated just for games in HTML5 technology. Fashion for RETRO, and in particular retro games, also has its impact on the development of Internet games in HTML5. Without installing, having only a browser, we can play such hits as: PacMan, Space Invaders, Teris, Mario, Moon Patrol and many other games that were very popular in the 80s and 90s,

mobile games on demand – games for Android and IOS devices,

desktop games on request – games developed for computers and notebooks with Windows and macOS systems,

games for nintendo switch console – games for Nitendo Switch console